my Penomet review and results


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Information contained in this review has been compiled from 100% consumer feedback. It covers both the PROS and the CONS of the Penomet Water Pump and has helped thousands of readers make an informed decision regarding their purchase of the device.

The Problem
You’re looking for a penis enhancement device that can deliver almost instant results. You’ve tried other products and have been disappointed by the lack of sustainable progress.
After weeks and months of frustration you have become disillusioned by all the sub standard offers on the market and have practically given up on finding a product that actually does what it promises.

The Solution
Your search has come to an end! I’m here to tell you that the Penomet Water Pump really does work and within a matter of minutes can increase the size of your penis!
But it doesn’t stop there. Within just one month of regular use the Penomet will add at least 1 inch to the length and girth of your penis. And just imagine what that will do for your confidence and sexual prowess in the bedroom…

Permanent growth comes from consistent use
Every good athlete knows there is no short cut to success. It takes hours of effort and a dedicated training program. And just like every other muscle in the human body, the penis needs to be exercised regularly over a period of time to achieve lasting effects.
Whereas the immediate boost in penis size will be short-lived, a good consistent training regime will provide the user with a permanent increase in length and girth that will last as long as he continues the exercise.
By following the instructions, the Penomet Water Pump will enable you to do just that.

What you will learn from this review
My fully researched and in-depth review of the Penomet device will reveal:

How the Penomet Water Pump works
How to assemble and use the device
When will I see results?
Which package is right for me?
Product comparison videos
Customer feedback
Penomet or Bathmate?
Where can I get the best discount?
Prizes and accolades
More resources should you still need them


How does the Penomet Water Pump work?
By definition, all penis pumps function by creating a vacuum around the object inserted inside it. Whereas most pumps use air to achieve the vacuum, Penomet’s appliance is hydro-based, which means it uses water instead.
This gives the Penomet device a number of serious advantages over air-based pumps. For one, the water guarantees a better seal, which in turn makes it more comfortable and easier to operate.
Pumps that use air have garnered themselves a poor reputation due to uneven extension and a possible painful application. The Penomet Water Pump on the other hand is more comfortable and far less likely to cause harm.
The whole package comes with a selection of different sized and different colored gaskets, called gaitors.
These create the air and water-tight seal between your penis and the pump and are designed to be used progressively, i.e. according to your level of experience and growth targets.

How do I assemble and use the Penomet Water Pump?
At first glance, assembling and operating the Penomet device may look complicated, but following the manufacturers instructions and a little dose of common sense will convince you otherwise.
Just follow these few simple steps:
Choose the required gaiter.
Attach the gaiter to the open end of the pump.
Fill with water and you’re ready to go.
Fit the pump over the end of your penis.
Pull it firmly towards the groin area.
Give the device a few gentle pumps to create the vacuum.
Relax and let the Penomet Water Pump do it’s job.
Repeat the pumping action every few minutes for 15-20 minutes.
Press the valve at the end of the pump to release the pressure and remove the pump.

That’s it. Easy. Painless. Safe.

Considering the pump is hydro-based and filled with water during use,
it follows that the best place to operate it is in the shower, or even better, in the bath.

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When will I see results?
I’ve already spoken about how the Penomet Water Pump can make an instant difference to the length and girth of the penis. These immediate improvements however, are short lived.
To achieve real and sustainable growth you will have to get into some kind of training routine. Instructions are included with the product, and the manufacturer recommends following the beginner’s guidelines to start.
This means choosing the right gaiter and then gradually working your way up to more advanced gaitors and also increasing the length of time you use the appliance.
The Penomet website promises visible and permanent results in about seven weeks. But obviously, this is just a rough benchmark. Every one of us is different and so results may vary.
The Penomet Water Pump is not a quick fix. It takes an amount of patience and a heap of dedication. But this is one product where all that time and effort could well be worth it!

Which package is right for me?
Penomet offers three different packages and prices, from Standard to Premium. All three packs come in a choice of colors, a 60 day money back guarantee and discreet billing and delivery. Here’s a brief rundown of each package.

1. Penomet Standard-the basic starter pack includes:
Enhancement pump
Gaiter Force 70
60 day money-back guarantee
1 year warranty
Silver Level Product Support

2. Penomet Extra-medium user package with added extras:
Enhancement pump
Gaiters Force 65, 70 and 75
60 day refund guarantee
2 years warranty
Gold Level Product Support

3. Penomet Platinum-the premium package
Enhancement pump
Complete set of five gaiters, from Force 60 to Force 80
1 High Intensity workout gaiter
Comfort strap
60 day guarantee
3 years warranty
Lifetime Platinum Support

The Premium Package may seem quite expensive, but the all-included package promises to deliver the best results and the best value for your money.

**Link to Penomet Website**

Customer Feedback
Of course you don’t have to take my word for it. Sit back and have a look at some reviews from people who actually purchased the product and testimonials from the company’s own website:
**Video from User Daniel Nash**
Johnny B from the US reports how he experienced measurable penis growth and an enormous boost to his libido!
Charles E from the UK says,”I have been using it for 3 months now and I have already added half an inch in permanent gains! I had tried all the pills and stretching equipment I could find online and nothing else seemed to work!”

**Follow this link to see official Penomet testimonials**
Still undecided? Check out more reviews here:
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Penomet or Bathmate?
Bathmate is one of Penomet’s main competitors. All over the Internet arguments rage about which is the better product. Watch these 3 video reviews to help you come to your own conclusions:

**Video by user PenisExtenderFAQ’s**
**Video by user Mike Salvini**
**Video by user Francis Mare**

Where can I get the best deals on the Penomet Water Pump?
Most discerning consumers like to know they are getting the best quality for the most reasonable price. Buying directly from the Penomet website will ensure you get an original, high-end product at amazing discounts.
Click the link below to visit the site and check out the latest special offers:
**Link to Penomet Website**

Prizes and accolades
Before we come to the end of the review, it’s worth noting that Penomet is such a fantastic product, it’s not been overlooked by those experts who know an excellent product when they see one. As a result, Penomet has cleaned up the following prestigious awards:
SIGN Best Male Enhancement Device 2013
**Link to SIGN Award**
and the
VENUS Best New Product 2013
**Link to VENUS Award**

Further Resources
Still not convinced? Need more information? below is a list of links to various web pages covering every possible aspect of the Penomet Water Pump and penis pumps in general.
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So there you have my most comprehensive review of the Penomet Water Pump.
I hope you’ll find the information, comments and opinions useful. Whether you decide to buy a Penomet device is totally up to you, but I trust that after reading and watching the various reviews here you’ll have a far better idea of what you can expect from the water pump.
Please remember that while I have made every effort to keep the information balanced and unbiased, all third party opinions gathered here come from genuine consumers and users of the product.
And while I accept all comments and opinions in good faith, I cannot verify their authenticity.