10 Foods For Better Sex

We all know a nutritious diet is an essential component to a longer, healthier life. But did you know that eating the right kinds of food can make you a better lover? And I’m not just talking about foodstuffs that have become famously rumored for their aphrodisiac qualities like oysters and chocolate.


Fruit and vegetables can be a goldmine of performance enhancing vitamins, enzymes and folic acids. They are said to increase stamina and bolster the libido. Here are five examples that can get your sensual temperature up higher and keep your sexual motor running for longer.



zaboka-1471335The very shape of the avocado fruit suggests some kind of association with a lustful tumble between the sheets. Known by the Aztecs as the ‘testicle tree,’ the fruit was considered much too

      lewd for consumption by mere mortals and was banned in Spain by Catholic priests. Packed full with folic acids, vitamin B6 and potassium, avocados not only up the ante in the bedroom, they can also also boost your body’s immune system.



strawberries-1550576Chris de Burgh got it right when he sang about the

Lady in Red. Studies have shown men prefer women

dressed in the color of red hot flames than in cooler

tones. The strawberry has the color and the taste

to drive your sexual appetite soaring. The high levels of vitamin B and folic acids have been linked to a reduction in female birth defects and an improved sperm count in men.


asparagus-1317901The green spears contain an amazing concoction

of fiber, potassium, thiamines as well as a power-

boosting package of vitamins A, C and B6. So

renowned were they as potential potency

packers in 19th Century France that it became

tradition for bridegrooms to eat at least three

huge portions of the vegetable in preparation

for the arduous antics of their wedding night.               


almonds Penomet Almonds have been considered symbols of fertility throughout the whole of antiquity. Poets used to write   about the passion-inducing properties the scent of almonds would arouse in women. These days it’s the scientists who rave about the high quantities of magnesium, fiber and vitamin E. They just don’t have to rhyme when they do it.


pizza-1-1326545Since the first century AD, arugula has been

revered for it’s erection-aiding properties.

Bursting to the brim with antioxidants and

trace minerals. Arugula, like all dark, leafy

greens has been proven to help slow down

the absorption of Eco-contaminants that

can be harmful to intimate performance and

libido. Which makes it an essential ingredient

in our sexual health profile.


Take one look at a sliced open fig and you’ll immediately see why the fruit has been considered sexy since almost forever. In fact, the fig is one of the oldest fruits on record with one of it’s earliest mentions being in the Garden of Eden, no less. The Greeks thought the fruit sacred and held them in high esteem as fertility aids. And apparently, figs were Cleopatra’s favorite fruit. Now that’s a recommendation if ever there was one.


Food for harder eraction PenometYes. I know what you’re thinking. The unpleasant side-effect

of this smelly little fella’ doesn’t just turn off vampires. But

garlic is so full of allicin, an ingredient that greatly increases

blood flow, any list of performance-enhancing foods wouldn’t

be complete without it. Chewing parsley helps against the

bad breath. Better still, why don’t you both eat it?


This green/yellow beauty contain all kinds of male libido enhancing ingredients. Including chelating minerals and bromeliad enzymes. But seriously. Just look at the shape. Do you really need to know more?


This herb doesn’t just make everything taste better. The wonderful aromatic aroma of basil is said to be sexually stimulating and possesses an aphrodisiac quality. A heap of basil in a pasta sauce is likely stir anyone’s loins into action. Which is perhaps why Italians are considered to be so passionate. La dolce vita, anyone?


This sticky, sweet, natural side product is not know as the elixir of the gods for no reason. Studies prove that honey helps promote hormones in women and boost testosterone levels in both genders, leading to a higher sex drive and better orgasms.   

When it comes to physical sex, there’s a lot going on inside our minds and bodies. The food we consume can be a huge influence on how well our body deals with certain situations. Whether the foods listed above have a psychological effect on us, if they are merely suggestive in shape, color and form or they really do open our blood vessels and increase the flow to our nether regions doesn’t really matter. They can all be incorporated into a healthy, tasty and diverse diet.

And if one of the benefits of a healthy diet is a better sex life, then that has to be a win/win for all of us. Right?

Bon appetite!


5 Ways To Avoid Impotence


Erectile Dysfunction, or impotency, is probably not a topic you want to discuss with your buddies in the locker room or with colleagues around the office water cooler. But the inability to achieve and maintain an erection, hard and long enough to have sexual intercourse, is more widespread than you might think. Recent studies estimate there are over 30 million men suffering from impotency. And that’s just the figure for North America.


Most men have experienced the occasional embarrassing moment during an intimate encounter, and if the incident remains a rare occurrence it’s usually nothing to worry about. But if the problem persists, it could be a sign that something is badly wrong.


There are numerous reasons why a man can’t get and keep an erection. Diabetes and heart disease are possible causes. Or it could be a temporary hormonal imbalance. Is he overweight or simply unfit? Does he suffer from depression? Drinking and smoking too much? Taking medication for another, unrelated condition can also affect a man’s performance in the bedroom.


Worrying only makes it worse

Another major factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is stress. Too much pressure at work, money problems and other worries can put a lot of strain on a man’s libido and undermine his confidence in bed. Believe it or not, stress is one of our primeval defense mechanisms and in it’s purest form is designed to protect us in times of danger. It releases cortisol and adrenaline into the body, the hormones we associate with our instinctive fight or flight response. These natural chemicals can play havoc with our hormone household, causing a massive blip in our lovemaking game-plans. Stress management, like meditation or breathing exercises can ease anxiety and put us in a much better, and sexier frame of mind.


And then of course, there’s the shame and feelings of inadequacy his lack of intimate success can cause in the relationship. But it’s not just him. The partner can also be affected, and if the situation goes unchecked, can begin to experience guilt and feelings of rejection. And so the viscous circle goes around and around.


Fortunately, help is at hand. These days your family doctor is armed with an entire arsenal of cures and remedies to treat erectile dysfunction. Oral medication, self-injection, suppositories and testosterone enhancing substances are just some of the successful treatments available. But the options don’t end there. Penis pumps, penile implants and blood vessel surgery are methods that have helped millions of men overcome their impotency.


But wouldn’t it make more sense to take steps that make a visit to the doctor unnecessary?


With just a few changes in lifestyle, a light workout, healthy diet and cutting back on drinking and smoking, men can easily keep erectile dysfunction at bay and continue pleasing their significant others in the bedroom:


  1. Keep fit

     Introducing a regular fitness regime will improve your health in general and help with the underlying factors of erectile dysfunction. Symptoms like poor blood flow, high stress levels and obesity can all play a detrimental role in the sexual performance department. Regular exercise can go a long way to preventing disappointment in bed.


  1. Quit smoking

The negative effects of smoking cigarettes are well documented. Try using the widely available nicotine patches or chewing nicotine gum to bolster your will power and lessen withdrawal symptoms while you endure the weaning-off process. You’ll feel better, fitter and save a whole lot of money.


  1. Deal with alcohol and drug problems

Too much booze is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. So too is the excessive use of recreational substances. Not to mention the long term damage you can do to your body. Get help if your substance abuse is getting out of hand. You’ll not only be doing yourself a huge favor, your loved-ones will also breath an enormous sigh of relief.


  1. Talk to your partner

As soon as you feel the onset of any kind

of disruption in the area of sexual performance,

have a sit down chat with your partner. Quite

often, these are fleeting episodes that pass

without medical intervention and all that’s

needed is a few kind words and a whole heap

of understanding.


  1. Shed a few pounds

Always good advice. Carrying around excessive fat can be a major factor in erectile dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction can be embarrassing. It can make a man question his role in society and his value as a person. It can shake his entire perception of masculinity. But it doesn’t have to be a problem for the rest of his life. Following the tips above, or if the problem persists or gets worse then seeing a doctor will always help.


With the right treatment and advice, he’ll be having fun again in the bedroom in no time, and his partner will most definitely be a lot more happy.